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The Over the River Art Exhibition & Sale

3-4 November 2018

OSPA Theatre, Hall Road, Onewhero

Artflow Waikato and Onewhero Society of Performing Arts is proud to present The Over the River Art Exhibition & Sale.

This two day event will feature art works from the many talented artists in our area. From paintings and drawings to printmaking, sculpture, photography, ceramics, glass and wood work. There will be prizes and raffles, drinks and nibbles. More details of this event will be posted in due course.

If you are interested in entering your artwork into the exhibition please email artflowwaikato@gmail.com and we can send you a registration form.

The Over the River Art Exhibition and Sale 2018

The Messy Magic Adventure

Wednesday 21 November 2018 @ 12.15pm

Onewhero Area School

From the creators of the 2016 hit Mr and Mrs Alexander: Sideshows and Psychics...

Spray and Wipe are two cleaners who have been hired for their most exciting job ever, cleaning a magician's house! But when they accidentally let the magic out of its box, everything is turned topsy-turvy. Now, the audience must help Spray and Wipe think of a plan to get the magic back in the box before the magician comes home, as her house gets messier and messier!

The best of circus, slapstick and magic combine in this very special adventure for primary school aged children and their families. Fantastical fun, with waterproof ponchos provided for those in the front row.

"Plays out in a terrifically unexpected way ... Highly recommended for big kids and little kids alike."
– Theatreview

Suitable for 5 to 10 year olds. $3 entry.
Please contact 09 232 8805

The Messy Magic Adventure

Seven Deadly Stunts

Wednesday 21 November 2018 @ 7.30pm

OSPA Theatre, Hall Road, Onewhero

Tickets $25 each


From the creators of the 2016 hit Mr and Mrs Alexander: Sideshows and Psychics...

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up as Rollicking Entertainment turns up the heat to celebrate seven of the most notorious stunts in carny folklore. A nail-biting and naughty experience brings you the freakiest side of circus, magic and sideshow. Chainsaw juggling, walking on broken glass and other famous feats are performed along with the stories of how they came to be. Sourcing inspiration from some of the biggest names in the annals of magic and mystery such as Harry Houdini, Ripley's Believe It or Not and The Prestige... plus, let's be honest, a dollop of Jackass. Come laugh, gasp and cheer - the carnival is in town! Exciting, terrifying and genuinely funny, join the dastardly duo of real life husband and wife Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman for what could be the last hour of their lives!

Seven Deadly Stunts